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Fall Sale

There is nothing quite like getting away and having everything out of sight and mind to help me look at things in a new light. It’s so much easier to see something with a fresh eye after I have been away from it for a while. I’ve just returned from a 3 week traveling spree of two completely different trips back to back. Both trips fun, relaxing, hectic and exhausting all at the same time. So nice to get away and so nice to be back. New ideas and directions are popping in and out of my head.

I’m putting all the So-Soft Dk (wonderful 80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon 4ply Dk weight superwash) on sale, 25% off for the Fall. While supplies last…….great for heavy socks as well as scarves, mitts, hats, vests and sweaters.

British Merino Super DK

I’ve been happily dyeing and playing with British Merino in a squishy soft yummy Superwash DK weight. I’ve been sooooo distracted by this yarn, that all thoughts of blog posts have vanished! 

OK, so now I’ve finished dyeing all that I have and its uploaded onto my website. (there are more than the 6 colorways shown above!) Its going fast and when this is gone, well, its gone. This yarn was from a special purchase of the top rated 2007 British Merino bale of wool. Merino sheep are well known for their soft, crimpy, springy wool and this yarn has all those characteristics. I’m so lucky to have so much of it!

 It is very creamy soft and lovely. I can’t think of enough superlatives for it! This is one yarn where it truly would be great to be able to reach through your computer monitor and squeeze it!

It would be great for hats, scarves, baby sweaters, heavy socks….. pretty much everything!

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