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dyelots and batch dates

Lately, I’ve been getting more requests from customers for an additional skein to match a yarn that they purchased previously from me or from one of my retail vendors. This has happened to me too.  I completely understand this dilemma; you buy one skein that you love with no intended purpose, later you decide what you want to knit only to find that you really needed 2 skeins! Then comes the mad search for another skein with the same dyelot and the worry that the skeins won’t match and your projected will be ruined forever!

Up until now I have not been putting dyelots on my yarns. I generally dye in small batches of 5-10 skeins per colorway. However, as my business has grown I am doing more lots of 10 and some lots of 20 of my most popular colorways. I’m keeping more dyed yarns in stock, at the ready, to send out on a moments notice.  This is all good!

So, I’ve decided to start writing “dye date lots” or “dye lots” on my labels. They will be in a “monthdayyear” format. I hope it will help with
identifying and locating similar skeins.  (I don’t want anyone to confuse the date with an “expiration date”, luckily I have found my yarns never “expire”!)

The dye techniques I use create variations between skeins even in the same pan, so the dye date is not a guarantee that the skeins are identical, just that they came out of the same batch. It has never been my goal to mass produce large numbers of identical skeins. I instead love the subtle nuances of each skein as it comes out of the dye bath.  Overall, my colorways are consistent as I create my own color formulas and dye to the same formula each time I dye a new batch of yarn.  I keep careful records of my process so that I can recreate the look of the original batch.  Some of the yarns with multiple colors can have more variation between skeins as they depend on the movement of the dyes in the water to create tertiary tones. As always,  if you know you will need more than one skein for a project ahead of time it is best to let me know when you order and I will do my best to send out similar skeins.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers for helping me come to this decision. I love the feedback and I truly appreciate your business.

Yarn Giveaway!!

This is exciting!

Color Forecast

I find color forecasting so interesting. Sometimes I try to resist what the forecasters predict and purposefully seek out unpopular colors. But usually I succumb and actually want what “they” say I want! Here is what is forecast for Fall 2010 – just around the corner.


I’m dyeing yarns today and I’ll use this as a springboard for some new colorways.  I’ll have to put my own twist on them as the Rose and Gray is making me think of the 80’s.

Are you craving these colors?

Dyeing Workshop

5/21/2010 Today I was notified by the retreat organizers that the retreat has been canceled. I don’t know anything more about the situation but if you had signed up, contact the organizers directly.

5/20/2010 The workshop has been put on hold while the company organizing it deals with some issues. I’m waiting to see what the outcome is before I move forward with more plans.

I’m so excited to be teaching a 2 day dye workshop in Chicago, November 12-14. There is also a Ravelry group set up for the retreat with more information here Hand Dyeing Retreat.

There will be plenty of hands on time, dyeing yarns with different techniques as well as time for knitting with hand dyed yarns. We’ll be exploring methods of developing colorways, sources for color inspiration, and how to get the knitted results that you want.

The workshop is limited to 20 people.

Happy New Year

Seems appropriate to start off the New Year thinking about yarns! I’m evaluating my yarns and planning ahead for 2010!

It’s all about color. It’s how and why I got into dyeing yarns.  It’s what inspires me. It’s the primary reason people seem to be drawn to a yarn. I’d like to offer more colors in fewer yarns. That’s good news – a couple of fabulous yarns in lots and lots of mix and match colors.  I’ll still be sampling some new yarns but I’ll be concentrating on a couple of high quality, versatile yarns.

My New Year’s resolution: Focus on high quality yarn in more colors to choose from. Sounds about  right for 2010.

Introducing the New Sport Sock Yarn

I’m so excited to offer a new yarn. Its a multi-ply, 8 plies to be exact, tightly twisted, dense, springy, stretchy 100% superwash merino sport weight yarn! It comes in 65 gram skeins. Each skein has 214 yards, so you will need two skeins for a pair of socks. Its a wonderful weight and feels great knit up!.

I also have a beautiful Peacock Rib sock pattern available free with the purchase of this yarn. The pattern was designed exclusively for Handwerks Sport Sock yarn by Jocelyn Blair.

Treat yourself to an early Holiday gift!

Sport Sock

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

"new" Ultimate Sock in a new colorway for CNCH 2010

"new" Ultimate Sock in a new colorway for CNCH 2010

I was just reminded of the “don’t get too comfortable because life is always changing feeling”. This happens frequently and I guess I should not expect things to stay the same. But then again I am often surprised when something does change. I shouldn’t be but I am.

My favorite Ultimate Sock yarn has changed. I love the new yarn but I love the old yarn as well. It’s still the same soft wonderful BFL fiber and yarn but produced by a new British mill. The old mill went out of business and so my supplier is now getting the yarn spun at a new mill. It’s still wonderful but not the same.

I think this is happening more and more as small manufacturers can’t stay afloat or compete with larger producers. The wool and yarn landscape is changing. This same kind of thing happened a couple of years ago to my favorite kind of end feed shuttle – suddenly it was gone. There was a new one in its place from a new supplier, still lovely but different.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised and just enjoy the variety and new variations in old products. Really nothing ever stays the same.

New Cashmere blend yarn is So-Soft!!

I’m so pleased to be able to offer a new 80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon sock yarn. It is so soft and now aptly named So-Soft-Sock! I’m surprised the addition of just 10% cashmere has the effect that it does. The fibers are well blended in this yarn, it feels very smooth and even.  It dyes beautifully and I’m introducing it in 8 Fall inspired colors.

To make room for this addition to my line up I’ve listed a number of yarns on Clearance. When something new comes in, something else has to go –

lucky for you !

Labor Day Sale

I’m having a Labor Day Sale now through September 8, 2009 on my website.

Check it out!

What happens when you dye yarn when you are hungry?

I’ve been working  to finish up a few new colorways before I leave for my family trip. So I’ve been dyeing at weird hours and late at night.  Here is what happened ….. I think I must have been hungry ………….. food was on my mind…. 

(You know like when you go to the grocery store right before dinner and come home with more food than you really intended to buy!)

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