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Super DK on SALE

I’ve put the last of the Super DK on SALE – for an early Holiday gift. There are less than 10 skeins left of this yarn. I am tempted to keep them for myself as this yarn knits up into wonderfully soft hats and scarves – I’m going to resist it for a few days and offer it to you! When this is gone its gone. It was a special purchase from a top rated bale of British Merino. So soft and dreamy………..

Nothing Ever Stays the Same

"new" Ultimate Sock in a new colorway for CNCH 2010

"new" Ultimate Sock in a new colorway for CNCH 2010

I was just reminded of the “don’t get too comfortable because life is always changing feeling”. This happens frequently and I guess I should not expect things to stay the same. But then again I am often surprised when something does change. I shouldn’t be but I am.

My favorite Ultimate Sock yarn has changed. I love the new yarn but I love the old yarn as well. It’s still the same soft wonderful BFL fiber and yarn but produced by a new British mill. The old mill went out of business and so my supplier is now getting the yarn spun at a new mill. It’s still wonderful but not the same.

I think this is happening more and more as small manufacturers can’t stay afloat or compete with larger producers. The wool and yarn landscape is changing. This same kind of thing happened a couple of years ago to my favorite kind of end feed shuttle – suddenly it was gone. There was a new one in its place from a new supplier, still lovely but different.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised and just enjoy the variety and new variations in old products. Really nothing ever stays the same.

British Merino Super DK

I’ve been happily dyeing and playing with British Merino in a squishy soft yummy Superwash DK weight. I’ve been sooooo distracted by this yarn, that all thoughts of blog posts have vanished! 

OK, so now I’ve finished dyeing all that I have and its uploaded onto my website. (there are more than the 6 colorways shown above!) Its going fast and when this is gone, well, its gone. This yarn was from a special purchase of the top rated 2007 British Merino bale of wool. Merino sheep are well known for their soft, crimpy, springy wool and this yarn has all those characteristics. I’m so lucky to have so much of it!

 It is very creamy soft and lovely. I can’t think of enough superlatives for it! This is one yarn where it truly would be great to be able to reach through your computer monitor and squeeze it!

It would be great for hats, scarves, baby sweaters, heavy socks….. pretty much everything!

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