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TNNA, winter show in Phoenix

TNNA has been an amazing exhausting whirlwind experience. This is the second TNNA I’ve been to and I keep learning new things about the yarn industry. It’s so interesting to see the new trends (think sparkle, ruffles, cotton blends and the 1970’s) as well as meet young designers and other indie dyers. I’ve picked up some new ideas for rigid heddle weaving and knitting classes and ways to improve my business. I’m really excited about teaching weaving and hopI’ll  be able to inspire a few fellow knitters to expand their repretoire . I’ve crafted with yarn most of my life, and now working in the business has given me a new perspective. I’m still sorting out how I fit in and what my goals are. In the meantime it’s fun to be with liked minded people and imagine the possibilities.

Color Forecast

I find color forecasting so interesting. Sometimes I try to resist what the forecasters predict and purposefully seek out unpopular colors. But usually I succumb and actually want what “they” say I want! Here is what is forecast for Fall 2010 – just around the corner.


I’m dyeing yarns today and I’ll use this as a springboard for some new colorways.  I’ll have to put my own twist on them as the Rose and Gray is making me think of the 80’s.

Are you craving these colors?


I’m having an amazing time at TNNA.  (The National NeedleArts Association) The conference goes from June 12-14.  I’ve been in classes all day learning about teaching kids to knit, color trends and fashion forecasts, developing a plan for knitting samples, and choosing patterns that flatter you. I’ve even met some of my customers and made friends with new shop owners. There is so much to take in. There is going to be a fashion show this evening and an ice cream party hosted by Ravelry ! yeah!

I’m picking up ideas for improving my website and developing new colorways.

update from home:

TNNA was a wonderful experience. It was interesting to see the inside view of the yarn industry and how big name yarn companies promote their yarns. I had never really thought of the yarn industry as a fashion industry before but I can see now the connection and efforts taken to create knitwear designs based on runway fashions and trends. I usually look at yarns and knitting from the “how to” point of view and don’t always care if I am in style or not. I met many nice people and had a chance to reconnect with old friends and customers.

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