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Where do you find inspiration?

I find this so interesting. I’ve been playing with yarn combinations over the past week or so looking for pairs of yarns to use in a Stephen West shawl. I even dyed some new darker tone yarns so I could create more contrast between the pairs. I left the pile of yarns out on the table and moved them around every few days, trying this and then that just to see what it looked like at different times of the day and with different lighting. I finally decided to use Misty Morning in So-Soft-Sock and Embers in Silky Sock.
This morning I looked out my backyard window and saw this! Just what I had put together on the kitchen table. It wasn’t a conscious connection but I’m sure I was influenced by seeing the Trumpet Vine blooming against the aged teak bench and pebble patio.

New Cashmere blend yarn is So-Soft!!

I’m so pleased to be able to offer a new 80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon sock yarn. It is so soft and now aptly named So-Soft-Sock! I’m surprised the addition of just 10% cashmere has the effect that it does. The fibers are well blended in this yarn, it feels very smooth and even.  It dyes beautifully and I’m introducing it in 8 Fall inspired colors.

To make room for this addition to my line up I’ve listed a number of yarns on Clearance. When something new comes in, something else has to go –

lucky for you !

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