You can’t imagine how pleased I was to learn that Jaala Spiro and Amy Detjen reviewed Handwerks Luxury Sock on their recent Knitcircus Podcast (episode 5).  I had actually forgotten that I had sent Jaala a skein of the Luxury Sock several months ago. At this time of year, so many parcels of yarn are coming and going I lose track of what was sent when and where. I really do keep records – both online and in my vertical, chronological filing pile in a Rubbermaid box in the corner by my desk! My records are really complete, waiting for tax time but once I’ve sent something out I move on to the next shipment waiting for me.

Luxury Sock was a limited edition 100% cashmere, fingering weight yarn. I bought all that I could but unfortunately like many yarns recently, it is no longer available. As you may or may not know I have a serious cashmere addiction. I’ve loved cashmere for what seems like my entire life. I’ve taken classes about it, read every article I could about it, learned to spin it, carded it, tried dehairing it, dyed it , woven with it, knit with it, stashed it, worn it, sold it and now I’m giving it away!

Two – 50 gram skeins of a nice soft grey are waiting for a new home.



To enter the Give-Away, please leave a comment telling me why you like cashmere by midnight (PST) Wed, Dec 21 . Please make sure to let me know your Ravelry/Twitter and/or email so I can let you know if you win! The winner will be drawn at random and posted Thursday, December 22.

If you don’t win and still want some of this lovely yarn, contact one of these Handwerks retailers: Uncommon Threads, The Golden Fleece or Piedmont Yarn & Apparel , they might have a bit left!

Comments on: "Cashmere Give-Away in honor of Knitcircus Podcast" (45)

  1. oh, those are gorgeous.

    Um, what’s not to love about cashmere, lol??? soft, soft, warm, warm….

  2. What’s not to love about cashmere–so very, very soft. But, I think I love they grey color as much as the cashmere–Two of my favorites all in one package! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful yarn.

  3. I really should love to win some Cashmere 🙂 Why I like it? I don’t know, I simply don’t know. I never ever felt it, seen it played with it. So maybe this is my change to be hooked on it 🙂 Nice December month everybody! Tiekaa

  4. will-knit-4-food said:

    I ♥ Cashmere because…well…omg It’s cashmere!!! 🙂 Oh so soft…

    Had to enter. I’m trying to be on a bit of a yarn diet…but it’s okay to add yarn to my stash if I’ve won it in a contest, right? 😉

    If I win you can find me on Ravelry… will-knit-4-food 😀

  5. This yarn is obviously destined to be mine… Gray is my favorite color, and the 22nd is the day before my birthday. And, you know, I have an unreasonable fondness for cashmere and would like to continue to indulge it! Fingers crossed.

  6. It is just so soft and yummy, plus I would love to knit with it.

    Rav ID katbrown

  7. I love the feel of cashmere it is so nice and snuggly. 🙂 I love making gloves or scarves for around my neck so I can snuggle into it. There is really nothing bad about cashmere. 🙂

    Ravelry id- SteffieC13

  8. Rebecca Mc. said:

    I love cashmere because I’m all about soft and squishy yarn, and cashmere is the softest and squishiest. The yarn would make a gorgeous shawl!

  9. Marna Fronius said:

    I think I need to make something out of cashmere and give it to my sister to make up for the beautiful cashmere sweaters (2 of them) I ruined after sneakingly wearing them…I washed them in our wringer washer! On top of it, her boyfriend had given them to her as Christmas gifts.

  10. It super soft and in cachmere socks you feel yourself like a queen…

  11. Ravnejenta said:

    I’ve never tried cashmere, but would love to! I’ve only ever heard great things about it. And that gray is lovelly!

  12. Gray, cashmere – a combination made in heaven, to be enjoyed here on earth! I absolutely love cashmere because it is so wonderful to work with. It caresses your hand with every movement and makes me fall in love with it and what I’m knitting or weaving with it. It would be such an honor to work with those two skeins of heaven! Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Tracy (psst) said:

    Who doesn’t love the soft luxurious warmth of cashmere?! They’re crazy if they don’t.

  14. I’ve never made anything out of cashmere but I have always loved the softness of it.

  15. I love cashmere because I LOVE to pet it and to rub it on my cheek, and on my neck, and on the inside of my wrists and on…well, you get the picture. 🙂

  16. Why? Well, it’s cashmere, so of course, we all want it! Bot, more importantly, it’s dyed by Laura, so it’ll be the prettiest cahsmere around!
    Happy happy, merry merry to you!

  17. Lolly Blumhorst said:

    I really like cashmere because it is so soft . I would love to win just because I have not won a lot of things. Thank you for having such a great contest. Lolly (Shihtzuknit)

  18. susan glenfield said:

    OMG I’ve been lusting after your limited edition 100% cashmere for months now…..this would totally ROCK my Xmas!! I would make my girlfriend fingerless mitts with it for her 40th birthday coming up 2/2/12!!! HOPE HOPE HOPE I win!!!

  19. Oh how very generous of you! I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to give those two skeins of cashmere a very good home where they would be loved and very well taken care of!!!
    Debbie F.

  20. I love casmere for the warmth and the softness. I would love to win. Debbie H gussek on ravelry

  21. Wow, that’s lovely! I’ve worked with some cashmere blends, and those are really soft, so I wonder what it will be like working with the real thing. The color is also very pretty!

    Rachel (yarngirl99 on Ravelry)

  22. What a nice giveaway, and love the color. Hmmm, there’s lots to love about cashmere, soft and warm and light. Thank you! I’m kristenlynnea on Ravelry and keeping fingers crossed that I win!

  23. Julie Boydell said:

    I love the colour of the skeins, it makes me think of rainy days (and I love rain!). What could be better than snuggling into a soft cashmere wrap or wriggling toes in toasty socks on a cool wet day?
    In other words: Pick me! Thanks for the chance to win.
    Julie B^)

  24. Omg! Giving away cashmere! I have never knitted with 100% cashmere, but just the amount in MCN sends me into a swoon! I would love to have it, and roll around in it until I can decide what to make with its loveliness. But what a lovely Christmas gift for the person who wins it.

    Rav id: psmith5348

  25. I love cashmere because I’m a texture freak, and cashmere is the softest, most non-itchy fiber out there. And in gray? Perfection!

    Alicia (aliciamarin on Rav)

  26. Gosh, it’s just so SOFT — what’s not to love!

  27. I have loved cashmere since I bought a cashmere suit coat at the thrift store for 25 cents, and my friend bought me a vintage 50’s swing coat in gray cashmere at a different thrift store. It was SO soft! I couldn’t wear it too often because it was so warm and also pretty dressy, but I loved it to death. At the time, I still thought I was allergic to wool. Turns out was allergic to scratchy wool! My mom gave me a very thin machine knit cashmere sweater that had a few moth holes. I wear that to bed when it’s super cold.

    Cashmere is still my fiber of choice, although I can’t afford it often. I love the mill that came up with the MCN blend yarn idea. Cashmere feel at a semi-affordable price! I have some So-Soft sock in winged teal that I’m making up into a so soft cowl.

  28. Nisha Martin said:

    It’s soft, it’s lofty, it drapes beautifully. WHat’s not to love. I’d love to give some of your fabulous fiber a happy home. 🙂

  29. Laura Kammarmeyer said:

    I have never knit with cashmere but I have “petted “it a few times.I appreciate the chance to win some, it looks lovely! I’m laurakam on Ravelry.

  30. Why I like cashmere? I honestly have never owned cashmere for myself, but I did have the pleasure of knitting a shawl for someone, and it was absolutely devine! Thank you so much for this chance at owning your wonderful yarn – they are gorgeous! ♥

  31. I feel deprived 😦 I’ve never knit (or had anything) with cashmere but I think it would be lovely. If this came to my house I would pet it and love it and tell it everyday how wonderful it is! Thanks for the chance.
    I’m Knitsensei on Ravelry.

  32. Cashmere? It’s a love that’s luxurious and sensuous. Each stitch in cashmere is like a hug, a cloud or a feather’s touch– truly that delicious. That visceral urge to stroke is why cashmere.

  33. I love cashmere because it is so soft and warm and makes me feel pampered beyond my everyday life! I also love it because it has an essence of mystery and intrigue – faraway places and indigenous markets. Very romantic! And silvery gray is my favorite neutral color – it goes beautifully with the jewel tones that I wear. I’m noebell on Ravelry.

  34. There is nothing like cashmere for its softness and warmth. It is a featherweight kind of warmth. It is lovely to wear anything made with cashmere. The soft gray of your yarn is beautiful and compliments the softness of the fiber. Love it!

  35. Diane O'Brien said:

    What a beautiful color! I love the softness of cashmere next to the skin. It’s perfect for my Florida winters. it makes such a gorgeous shawl for too cold of air conditioning! Merry Christmas. Diane O ( I am wannaknitsox on Rav)

  36. I love how sensual cashmere feels. It always feels like a little piece of decadence against my skin!

  37. I like cashmere because it’s indulgent and, quite frankly, I deserve it!

  38. karen anderson said:

    Thanks so much for offering a give away!

  39. Oh My what’s not to love about cashmere. It is next to skin soft, and just so squishy and warm! LOVE

  40. Because it’s so, so, so very soft. Like wearing a kitten. But without all the pointy bits.

  41. Lois Elting said:

    Cashmere feels soooo delicious on my feet!! I love it.

  42. Who doesn’t love cashmere??? 🙂 It is soooooo soft!!!!! Even the name sounds luxurious.

  43. Oh my, cashmere is wonderful for its ultra softness and ability to make me feel like a queen!

  44. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest. I soooo enjoyed reading everyone’s comments about cashemre. It is truly a wonderful fiber with many unique properties. Soft, warm, strong, and silky.
    I drew a name out of a hat and Kristen (kristenlynnea) is the lucky winner. I’ll be contacting her shortly! THe contest is now closed>
    Thank you again and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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