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It seems like it  has been raining everyday for the past week. At first I was feeling cooped up but then I started using the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning. I’m having trouble getting things finished because I keep getting sidetracked by partly started projects and equipment all over my studio space.  I’m hoping that if I get things in order and put away or sell some unused things I will be able to focus on more by having less.

Here is my plan – sell equipment that I haven’t used in over 5 years, buy more plastic storage bins for yarn and label the bins!!, group the bins by content – weaving yarns together, Handwerks shop yarns together by type, and personal knitting stash yarns  in one or two places,. Then a bin for started projects and one bin or drawer for whatever. I always need one “whatever” drawer.

Cheers – here’s to spring cleaning!

Simple projects simple joy

I’m so enjoying my current project, a simple 4 shaft weave with handyed Classic Sock weft and undyed Classic Sock warp. I’d almost forgotten how satisfying it is to work on a simple project with simple tools in simple yarns. Nothing complicated going on here  but the results and experience is wonderful.  Seems like the perfect project to be working on during the holiday season.  Happy Holidays

New Toys!

Here is the mess and the beginnings of the loom assembly.

I’m so excited I went up to AVL yesterday and picked up my new loom. I have been waiting since February for it. It is the new CD4 on a 24 H A-series – my dream loom. It’s wonderful. My studio is a mess but will soon be put back together and I’ll be able to play with yarns, patterns and colors to my heart’s delight!

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