I’m listening to audiobooks (Steve Jobs) and finishing up projects this weekend.  I’m enjoying the book and the discussion of design and art. I can appreciate many of the ideas and it is reminding me of my perennial New Year’s resolution to “do less and do it better”. Over the past couple of years I have collected a big pile of handwoven towels that just need hemming. I used to be so good at focusing on a single project and completing it before moving on to the next. I have so many projects now, and I’m going from one to the next and not really focusing on enjoying them.  After I finish hemming this big pile of towels I really am going to start doing less and doing it better.

Yards of waffle weave, pointed twills, taquete on summer and winter… soon to be kitchen towels!

Comments on: "Finding time to finish projects." (5)

  1. I can certainly relate to this! I was so frustrated with my lace tank project from the NoCal Shop Hop that I tore it all out. You can only imagine how good that felt! So now I am working on my #3 sock club pattern – and it is turning out very nicely, thank you very much! Also have a spinning project underway that I am enjoying. My new weaving project is still gestating in my mind, but that will be getting off the ground soon. Progress with enjoyment!

  2. Yes, I too have many projects nearly at the finish line and am picking them off one by one. There’s just so many other things I’d rather be doing — but this stuff is dragging me down.

  3. Lucky you. Where do you find textiles like this? I admire your resolution!

    • I designed and wove all these fabrics. I love weaving (as well as dyeing and knitting and…) but seem to have a block about getting out my sewing machine and hemming. I’ve got my sewing machine set up now on a little table in my studio, I’m hoping that by leaving it out I will be more motivated to use it!

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