Green Knitting

I’ve been thinking a lot about the “Green” movement and what it means for knitters. There are so many opinions and definitions of being “green” and what is “green enough”. When I think about the core of the movement – being kind to the environment and not wasting or creating waste, I think the very act of knitting something is “green”!  By knitting we create beautiful, useful garments.

Hand knit garments are long lasting, functional, not wasted, cherished, kept for a long time, passed on and down to future generations, cared for and not discarded easily. Let’s add to that using long lasting high quality yarns and you have increased the “greeness”.  Ultimate Sock, my 100% blue faced leaicester wool, is an example of this type of long lasting, high quality yarn. Ultimate Sock is made from a wool that is naturally long wearing, it grows that way on the sheep! This yarn does not need the extra processing of adding nylon, its strong without it. I think that’s “green”. Knitting is an investment in time why not make it “green” as well and use yarns that enhance the investment not detract from it> ….

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