Blue Faced Leicester

“LOVE IT”  is my reaction to Blue Faced Leicester! I love the silky hand of this stuff. Its lustrous like silk but resilent and elastic like wool – because of course it is wool!  Its a long wool breed from England.  According to the British Wool Marketing Board, “The wool is soft to the touch and a good choice for making strong, smooth fabrics, which drape well and feel comfortable close to the skin. It is used in soft furnishing moquettes, hoisery, dress fabrics and high quality lustre yarns.”

Sounds like the perfect sock yarn to me!

(Ok I had to google “moquettes” – its a thick dense pile fabric used for carpeting. -good to know)

Here is a sock in my Ultimate Sock Yarn – 100% Blue Faced Leicester of course. Colorway “Rain Garden”

IMG_2091Rain Garden Project  stash

Comments on: "Blue Faced Leicester" (2)

  1. I love the yarn and the color!!!

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